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Stocks Residents people

Come along on Sunday 28th April, have your car washed whilst you relax with a drink and cake. Catch up on the latest news meet new fiends and support a worthy cause

We are looking for fit and able people to help with the car washing. The last car wash we held was a massive success, but we realised that people continually washing for 6 hours cannot be done, and so we are looking  to make a larger rota this time, to allow for rest breaks !

If you are willing to lend a hand, even if it is only for a one hour slot, please email us.

Are you able to bake some cakes for the day? Again please drop us an email.

Could anyone deliver some leaflets in the road where they live  or the  local area promoting our events? If so, they can be dropped off at your house - please email and we will arrange this.

Stocks Area Horwich

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