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Peel L&p are greedy developers who are trying to build houses for profit on our beautiful Horwich Golf course, situated on the slopes of the Pennines. With a spectacular view ranging westwards from the Irish sea southwards towards the Cheshire countryside, they want to ruin our precious green space just to fill their coffers. Wildlife abound around the golf course and adjacent farmland, deer, falcons, owls and foxes etc are to be seen on a regular basis

Please complete our survey regarding the proposed development on the golf course, by clicking on the link below. Thank You

SRA Statement of case submitted to Appeal hearing February 2021,

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FOR SALE:   Davina McCall 2 in 1 cycle / elliptical trainer
Immaculate and hardly used . Cost £143 new will accept £80

We are selling this item which has been kindly donated to us by a Stocks Residents association member to raise funds to pay for the barrister at the appeal re building on Horwich golf course on 2/7/19
Collection from horwich




Thomas Taylor Bowls No 2 Full Bios for sale:
(to buy new £100) Offers help pay our Barrister's fee opposing Peel Holding's plan to build on our precious Greenland in Horwich 

Please help to stop PEEL Holding from destroying our countryside



Peel Holdings/Emery latest documents. 

Some of you will have received some Documents from Emery/Peel Holdings.
Please read the document attached here, and respond if necessary:

Horwich neighbourhood plan.jpg

Horwich Neighbourhood Plan

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Send your comments to the Planning Inspector before 23rd October 2018

Details of where to send comments

Write your Objections to Bolton Council regarding the Inquiry

Show Your Support by raising your objections to Bolton Council

Flyer: Planning Committee visit to site

Visit on 28th June

Traffic congestion in Horwich 3

This Junction will be gridlocked if more houses are built nearby

Fifth letter of objection 15th June 2018

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Fourth letter of objection June 10th 2018

Responding to latest events

Traffic Congestion in Horwich 2

Peel Holdings claim there is NO traffic congestion in Horwich...Well watch the second video

Traffic Congestion in Horwich

Peel Holdings claim there is NO traffic congestion in Horwich...Well watch the first video

Bolton Planning committee

Peer challenge

Nellies Clough, Horwich

Habitat Management Plan

Third letter of objection April 9th 2018 (Full version)

Letter detailing comprehensive serious objections

Third letter of objection (Short Version)

Breakdown of objections

Second letter of objection 13th February 2018

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First letter of Objection 22nd January 2018

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Sample Objection Details 2

PDF version

Sample Objection Details 1

WORD version (edit to personalise)


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Helpful notes

Important Issues for the planning objection

Planning Law

Issues affecting town and country planning